Thursday, December 30, 2010


“....line up these federal pieces of shit and shoot them in the street."
Cyberbully known as "Weev" making threats against FBI agents.

While this blog mainly focuses upon anonymous cyberbully networks that operate out of sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica, occasionally there are individuals that are identified, usually for doing something stupid, and they offer tremendous insights into the minds behind the cyber-crimes.

Andrew Auernheimer, known as "Weev" among cyberbully gangs, is incredibly stupid, and does incredibly stupid things, which is why he now has my full attention.


1. Weev is's "hitman". The owner of the site, Sherrod DeGrippo, literally sends Weev on "hacking missions," in which he cyberstalks and intimidates her enemies on her behalf. Weev is DeGrippo's attack dog. He even resembles one:

2. Weev personally called my phone dozens of times over a four day period after I called Sherrod DeGrippo and asked her to stop her libelous attacks against me. Until she gave him my number, nobody had it. It was one of those disposable cellphones purchased for this very purpose. Now, it is evidence of criminal collusion between those two against me.

3. Weev is a pedophile and a schitzophrenic Jew-hater. Recently, he was exposed in the Jewish Review for anti-Semitic death threats against a synagogue. It's also noteworthy that he himself is Jewish.

4. Weev hates America. His public statements reveal a man who is ready to kill for a cause. He's an extremist. He wants to kill Jews and FBI Agents. Think about it. These dangerous cyber-terrorists have already demonstrated their anti-American stance when they hacked Amazon, Paypal, and various credit card companies in defense of Wikileaks and its anti-American agenda.

For all purposes, Sherrod DeGrippo is the Bin Laden of the online Cyberbully Networks, and her cyberterrorist cells are ready to attack. All they want is the chance to make headlines. These people want to kill you. Understand that. Right now, all they do is stalk, harass, and intimidate. But what assurance do we have that they have any limits at all? These cyberpaths want attention more than anything.

They are waging a veritable cyber-Jihad against all of us. All you have to do is criticize them and they paint a target on your back. Often times, you an be targeted not for what you have said or done, but for who you are. They hate Christians, Scientologists, Mormons, Gays, Conservatives, Aboriginals, and they also delight in targeting young girls whom they call "LOLI" (these creeps make "Internet jokes" about luring little girls into vans with lollipops).

DeGrippo's Manson-like hold over people like Weev make her a dangerous person and a threat to national security. This is not hyperbole. Her website was forced to take down a page relating to the cyber-hacktivist demonstration dubbed "Operation Payback" specifically because of the threat it represented to national security.

If you're a target of Weev or Degrippo as I am, get a gun, a security camera, and file a report with the FBI, as Victor Rigo, a reputable computer security consultant did:


Monday, December 27, 2010


(Racist Cyberbully Sherrod DeGrippo)

As she does every year around this time, Sherrod DeGrippo is BEGGING for money on her forum:

Any of the miscreants and perverts who actually want to support that nasty website should know that money donated to ED can be used against them in crimes ranging from "aiding and abetting" to "funding criminal acts." Every dollar donated to Encyclopedia Dramatica directly funds cyberbullying, pedophilia, and racism.

There are case laws which prove that one may be subject to asset forfeiture if ED is targeted under RICO federal law--a very likely possibility in the near future.

So if you want to support the website that hosts the "Nigger Manual," posts images of rape victims, and calls President Obama the "Half-Monkey In Chief," it's your business. I'm just letting you know that you're supporting a criminal enterprise.

Tom Newton
Cyberbullying Victims Advocate


More about Sherrod DeGrippo's Criminal Network:

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Thomas Scholl

Thomas Bradley Scholl
Chicago Illinois
Born Jun 8 1980

Thomas Bradly Scholl, of Chicago, is a cyberbully. He was a major instigator in the hateful attacks against eleven year-old "Jessi Slaughter."

Those attacks were laced with pedophilic threats and innuendo, namely the use of the "PEDOBEAR" image. For those who don't know, the pedophile bear character is a man in a costume that rapes children. When children report the rapes, they are not believed because they attribute it to a "teddy bear."

It's sick, I know. It's insanely nasty on so many levels it beggars belief. But back to my original point:


I think it has something to do with the fact that he's cross eyed and fat. Sometimes that's all that takes for a weak loser to be so burdened with envy and resentment that they feel a burning passion to lash back at the society that rejects them.

The Internet gives these creeps just the outlet they need, but make no mistake: the mindset of a cyberbully and the mindset of a mass murderer are virtually indistinguishable. These people literally hate humanity. They enjoy the degradation of all that is good, strong, traditional, etc. They hate and smear anything that's not pornographic.

Just because they find an outlet in cyber attacks doesn't mean they aren't planning to kill innocent people. Think about it. They bully people online, then they play games where they shoot people. And they are massively into porn and share it with eachother, deeming images as "fapworthy" or "fappable." My point here is simple. Do not overlook the threat represented by these degenerates.

Their very lifestyle is focused exclusively on rape, death, and harming innocent people--mostly teenagers and the elderly.

Just look at the damage these people do to innocent people. There's almost nothing more dangerous or volatile than a vindictive nerd on a power trip, and that is what we are dealing with here but on a massive scale. Cyberbully networks such as "Anonymous" pose a far greater threat to the average person than any foreign terrorist groups. They are the ones who will steal your identity, threaten your life, destroy your reputation, and harm your loved ones.

So if you know the whereabouts of Thomas Scholl, I suggest you report him to the local police and let them know that Scholl was part of a cyberbully attack on a young girl and the evidence is posted on his site plainly for anyone to read. I'd also suggest that they search him for automatic weapons and incendiary devices...


Wednesday, December 22, 2010



[Oct 31 00:25:35] OldDirtyBtard: kill myself naow
[Oct 31 00:25:50] OldDirtyBtard: or wait til im sober
[Oct 31 00:22:03] OldDirtyBtard: im also really wasted
[Oct 31 00:30:37] OldDirtyBtard: i'm looking for my .45
[Oct 31 00:30:41] OldDirtyBtard: brb
[Oct 31 00:30:55] Faust: Gonna shoot soom coons?
[Oct 31 00:36:10] HardServ: OldDirtyBtard: do it on cam
[Oct 31 00:36:16] annoyingorange: furries are funny
[Oct 31 00:36:37] OldDirtyBtard: HardServ: too complicared
[Oct 31 00:37:12] OldDirtyBtard: i'll be dead in 30 miins

[Oct 31 00:41:14] OldDirtyBtard: found a fully loaded clip

[Oct 31 00:42:56] OldDirtyBtard: fuck the ix
[Oct 31 00:43:04] OldDirtyBtard: pix
[Oct 31 00:43:27] OldDirtyBtard: 'i'm done'

Moments later, Sean Carasov was dead.

Tom Newton

Monday, December 20, 2010


Sherrod DeGrippo, self proclaimed "free speech activist" will not stop having her picture removed from this blog. Funny, I seem to recall Sherrod posting pictures of a dead teenager on her site, despite the family's protests. Even legal threats couldn't get Sherrod to compromise on her "free speech" stance.

Well, in my opinion, Sherrod DeGrippo is a FASCIST PIG and a PUS-FILLED MAGGOT who can dish it out to innocent, undeserving people, but when her own picture surfaces, she throws a massive fit. Let's see how long these picture remain up before DeGrippo gets offended and calls the FBI on me again:


Sunday, December 19, 2010


Every year around this time I reflect upon what is important in life. Not just to me, but to life itself. I believe that there are those who live, and those that merely exist. The latter are the ones whose only purpose, it would seem, is to wreak havoc and make life miserable for the truly human. They make up only a Small Percentage of the population, yet they destroy and waste as much as the rest of us put together.

I consider these saboteurs to be sub-human parasites because of their destructive nature. Many of these types believe in a contradiction which they named "creative destructivism," and believe that they can achieve what they term "progress" by selectively destroying that which they find disagreeable.

Nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than in the attacks by "Anonymous" against online retailers and credit card companies. Their lack of any moral standing whatsoever is evident in their pro-child porn advocacy we witnessed in "Operation Titstorm," which was an attack against the Australian Government because of its censorship of animated kiddie porn.

These self identified "free speech" advocates are even now working to have this very blog censored. This is in addition to long smear and intimidation campaign being waged against me in a myriad of ways, all intended to stop me from exposing their farce.

They have even gone so far as to report me to the FBI, the DHS, and to my local police department. They reported me as a "dangerous terrorist with nuclear capability."

That's a testament to how desperate they are, and to how powerful I am.

So, as I look toward the future, 2011 specifically, I'm imagining what should be, and how I can bring my ideals into fruition. I want 2011 to be the year that all these cyber-stalkers-bullies-terrorsts are rounded up and placed into FEMA CAMPS. I want this to be a year of patching up holes in our national security, and that includes the elimination of anonymous Internet posting altogether.

We need Total Transparency and Total Accountability.

So I guess my Resolution this coming year will be just that: I am resolved to the total removal of "Anonymous" and all other Cyber-Terror Networks from the Internet and I pray this involves a holocaust of waterboarding and other enhance interrogation techniques.

Happy Holidays (except for "Anonymous" and other assorted lowlifes) !

Tom Newton

Anti-Cyberbully Extremist

Friday, December 17, 2010


"I hope you fucking die a slow and painful death, I'm willing to organise it for you..." -- weevlos

It needs to be clearly stated that the cyber "hacktivist" group known as "Anonymous" is a terrorist group. They use terror and intimidation to shut down their critics. If that doesn't work, they resort to smear campaigns.

I have been smeared as a "convicted rapist" and an "animal killer" on websites which post my picture and my home address. This is meant to incite violence against me.

The attacks against myself and my family are originating from cyber-terrorist website "Encyclopedia Dramatica" on behalf of it's sociopathic owners. The latest death threat, which was left on my employer's answering machine, originated from a cyberbully known as "Weev". This individual has already served time for cyber-terrorism, and as a result of his threats made against my wife and kids, I have reported him to the FBI and to Homeland Security.

Tom Newton

Sunday, December 12, 2010


After three years of documenting the abusive behaviors exhibited by the international cyberbully network known as "Anonymous," I have yet to find evidence of a single African American among them. Which is one of the reasons why I think they are racists.

The other reason that I think "Anonymous" is a racist hate group is because of the racist imagery they publish on their hate sites. Look what Sherrod DeGrippo, CEO of, posted during Obama's 2008 campaign:

According to Degrippo, "...White America needs to take a stand if we don't want to end up like Planet of the Apes, enslaved by inferior races."

Do "Anonymous" members hate President Obama? My answer is yes, and given their disdain of his policies, I'm expecting more racism and more hate for 2011.


Thursday, December 9, 2010


According to Gawker, the pro-Wikileaks "hacktivism" by the cyber-bully group known as "Anonymous" is having some major repercussions. In an article since deleted by Encyclopedia Dramatica, the group made it's intentions known that it would oppose the United States Government, attack it's computers, and attempt to destabilize international relations in what they dubbed "OPERATION PAYBACK":


Anonymous is sick and tired of the United States government seeking to control the internet in their pursuit of power. Anonymous cannot sit by and do nothing while these Corporate Fascists stifle the spread of ideas. Anonymous will not just watch. We will attack. Their servers have been shut down and they will remain so for as long as there is no true freedom of information and data. We Are Anonymous....We Are Legion....Fear Us! Information is Free!

—An Open Letter from Anonymous

The article was deleted this morning by pedophile Daniel Milton Shockey, a 40 year old resident of Columbus Ohio who authored the anti-Muslim pages on Encyclopedia Dramatica:

Daniel Milton

I mention Shockey's pedophilia because of its relevance to the present situation. Because, no matter how much "Anonymous" members try to spin their vigilantism as something being done for the good of humanity, the fact is, they recently attacked the Australian Government's computers because of its ban on simulated child porn. They are morally degenerate slobs who use the freedom of speech as a cover for cyberbullying innocent people.

In other words: Anonymous is a criminal group with criminal intentions who should all be crammed into the same prison that now contains Julian Assange.



Saturday, December 4, 2010


In her own words, Sherrod Ellen DeGrippo, CEO of racist website Encyclopedia Dramatica, has made it clear that she's likely to face charges and fines for Inciting Racial Hatred. As you read the following passage, keep in mind that it's written by Sherrod under the alias "Joseph Evers":

"...So here’s the deal. This is an initial investigation into charging me, personally, with the violation of Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act. While I act in complete compliance with both the civil and criminal codes of the United States of America, and am assured the right of free speech according to our Constitution I can personally be jailed and fined for the violation of this law. Check out the court precedent they cite, Dow Jones & Co Inc v Gutnick where a United States paper had to pay 580k for publishing an article about a globalized company headquartered in Australia. It's CEO was entirely in compliance with United States civil precedence.

"This isn’t a far-fetched legal theory, they have used it before....My counsel has advised me that I can never under any circumstances visit my family in Sydney again, nor otherwise make any appearances on Australian soil."

So here we have it. Sherrod DeGrippo is hiding behind the name "Joseph Evers" to avoid prosecution. Good luck Sherrod!

Tom Newton


If you would like to see Sherrod DeGrippo jailed, please contact the Australian Human Rights Commission:

Level 8, Piccadilly Tower
133 Castlereagh Street
Telephone: (02) 9284 9600
Complaints Infoline: 1300 656 419

If calling from overseas

Tel: + 61 2 6141 6666 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting + 61 2 6141 6666 for information on lodging or responding to a complaint

The Commission can also provide more information about the Race Discrimination Act.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer is Stalking Me

Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer, known to his victims as "WEEV," is one of Encyclopedia Dramatica's most celebrated members:

Andrew Auernheimer

He resembles what you'd expect an LSD popping pedophile from Arkansas to look like. But it's not his neckbeard or his glazed eyes that bother me; it's his "preaching" videos. He steals his talking points from Charles Manson, Al Gore, and from your gothic little sister's Livejournal account:

This racist, anti-Semitic, invidious little gremlin is a HERO to the cyberbully collectives which congregate around Encyclopedia Dramatica. I've received dozens of phone calls from him. Literally. He will call me hour after hour some nights. He's a lonely and hungry little troll.. :(

If I actually had to converse with him in any capacity I'd probably have to interrupt the conversation to lean over and vomit my brains out onto the floor. Or I'd pull a Carasov. The mere fact that HE is one of my cyberstalkers is very depressing. How in the hell did I get THAT thing on my trail?

*involuntary shudder

Tom Newton

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