Sunday, January 31, 2010


One particularly nasty individual known to Anonymous as "Anon123456" has suggested that I should be "done dirty." I do not care to speculate on what this entails, as Anon123456's personal motto is " IF YOU'VE GOT A HOLE, I'LL POOP IN IT!"

I have documented his threat to demonstrate how Anonymous members, like most Terrorists, will announce their evil intentions before carrying out their cyber-crimes:

Tom Newton

Ex-Scientologist Claims Anonymous "Saved" Her Life

In a blog hilariously entitled "Escape From Scientology," former Scientologist "Sarah X" makes the case that membership in the Church of Scientology is akin to being trapped in an abusive relationship:

"After being trapped in an abusive relationship with Scientology, I'm finally free. My escape was only made possible thanks to the hard work of the cyber-activism of Anonymous."

"I want to thank each and every Anonymous hero for your role in my awakening and to thank you for allowing me to present my story here."

"I am publishing an account of how Scientology robbed me of my life; of the jobs I lost, the friends who abandoned me, and worse, the time that I lost while indentured as an unwitting servant in this international criminal enterprise."

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that "Sarah X" is just another bored housewife seeking to make a living out of bashing her former religion. And frankly, I'm getting bored with all these bored housewives who use their abundant free time attacking other people for the manner in which they choose to use theirs.

Tom Newton

Anonymous Member and Child Pornographer "Lilly von Marcab" Exposed

An Anonymous member going by the moniker "Lilly von Marcab" has been identified by Scientologists, prompting her to quit her association with the anti-Scientology hate cult:

"...I'm just not that strong, and I feel extremely vulnerable and in several kinds of danger." --Lily Von Marcab


In addition to her anti-Scientology activities, Lilly von Marcab is well known among collectors of "Hentai" and other forms of cartoon child-porn. Anonymous members share a penchant for the illegal and evil practice of creating and trading sexually exploitative images of minors on their underground websites known as the "chans."

She has quit her activities against the Church of Scientology for fear that they will make her public identity and her private activities public knowledge. Perhaps she fears legal repercussions.

Whatever her reason for going into hiding, she should know that I will be disclosing her true identity and her place of employment. I see no reason why such a person should be afforded the protection of anonymity. However, being the fair and impartial blogger that I am, Lily von Marcab will be given a chance to remain anonymous:



Tom Newton

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bob Minton, Hate Group Financier Dies of a Blackened Heart

Last week marked the passing of Robert S. Minton, anti-Scientology bigot and hate group financier:
"...Robert S. Minton aka daddy whorebucks is a moralfag and real life troll and possible jew..."


Minton is known for pouring millions and millions of dollars into anti-Scientology hate groups and freelance anti-Scientology terrorists. His death comes as no surprise to heart disease experts who have long acknowledged the connection between rage, stress, and heart attacks. Even Minton acknowledged the grave toll that the anti-Scientology Hate-Campaign was taking on his health just before he withdrew from it altogether, proclaiming a need to " in peace."

Tom Newton

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anonymous Members Using Anti-Gay Rhetoric Against Their Critics

Here are a couple examples of recent comments from Anonymous members which clearly demonstrate their flagrant homophobia:

"Tom Newton, like most faggots, you're a pedophile. I'm going to kick your teeth out." -- Captain-Anon

"...tom tom...nigger-loving faggot should have a glass of AIDS with his FAIL...." --- Anonymous

Oddly enough, Anonymous members address each other as "fags" all the time. It's "Anon-Fag" this, "Scientology-Fag" that, "Twitter-Fag" "Dox-Fagged" "Protest-Fag" "Moral-Fag," "Chanolology Fag" "Fag-Fag" "Fag!" Similarly, they are known for their massive gay porn depositories known as the "Chans." Moreover, their most prominent member, known as "The Angry Homosexual Pope", is a clownish cross between a gay-rights agitator and an anti-Catholic activist. Seems pretty gay-friendly to me.

And even if I was an "N" word loving "f*****," it would still be strange to hear this kind of rhetoric from a group of individuals who proclaim themselves to be free-speech loving liberals. But it makes perfect sense once you grasp the fact that Anonymous is a Hate Group. The truth is, it is this kind of hate-speech which typifies Anonymous, not the "Internet superhero" image they put forth.

So why Anonymous do members use hate speech which is derogatory of gays, blacks, and Jews? Simple: BECAUSE THEY HATE GAYS, BLACKS, AND JEWS.

They don't do any "good deeds" other than persecuting Scientologists under the pretense of pursuing secret "OSA Agents."


Anonymous is a merely a high-tech lynch mob; a clique of anti-social computer nerds who coagulate around porn sharing sites and organize hate demonstrations. Everything they do involves the spreading of hatred, engaging in hate crimes, or covering up (masking) their own hateful activities.

(Unless you enjoy reading Anonymous' transparent and reflexive PR damage control relief efforts, you can skip the comments section on this post. I know I will.)

Tom Newton

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anti-Scientologist Bigot Charlotte Lecter Attacks Scientologist Mark Hanna

(Charlotte Lecter: Hate-Tweeter. Bigot. Devil Worshipper.)

Charlotte Lecter is using her Twitter account to initiate death threats and prank calls against Scientologist Mark Hanna. In one of her "hate-tweets," she posted his name, telephone number, place of employment, and email address:

"Criminal $cientologist info, Name: Mark Hanna, Mobile : 0404 176 119, Place of work : David Lardner Law, Email :"

This is a typical move for Anonymous. Prank calls, death threats, and cyber-stalking tend to silence their critics most of the time. When harassment alone isn't effective, they then move on to cyber-libel.

Actual violence may be possible in this case, as Mark Hanna's confrontation with Anonymous ended with members screaming obscenities after attempts at physically restraining Hanna failed:

Tom Newton

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Anonymous members have again revealed themselves to be hateful gossips who are obviously envious of the Scientologists they defame. John Travolta's decision to get onto his own jet and take relief supplies to Haiti (including 4 tons of MREs) has so infuriated the Anti-Scientologist Hate Group that they've completely blown their "good-guy" cover and revealed their unabashed jealousy:

"...What a bunch of fucking spot-light warriors."

"What ever happen to individuals trying to do something decent without broadcasting it to world?"


The irony here (for those unfamiliar with Anonymous' long history of media-whoring) is that they themselves spend 90% of their time seeking media attention for their Crusade against Scientology (the other 10% is spent persecuting Scientologists).

They desperately want the world to believe that they are heroes who are "saving" church members, yet the only thing they have to show for all their posturing is a long list of crimes committed against Scientologists. So now, when they see what an actual group of heroes can accomplish, all they can do is bitterly wallow in their shared cynicism and hatred.

Tom Newton

Brian Thomas Mettenbrink: GUILTY!

"Every time an Anonymous member goes to jail, a thetan gets its wings." --Tom Newton

Another Anonymous member pleads guilty to cyber-crimes in a federal courthouse. Nothing unusual there. What is strange about this case is how, for several months now, Anonymous members have DENIED than Brian Thomas Mettenbrink even existed.

Yes, that's right. They went a step beyond disassociating from him (as they do with all Anonymous members who get caught) and actually insisted that there is no such person.

In fact, one particularly pernicious "Anon" repeatedly accused me of having fabricated the whole scenario, federal case included. I'll post some of their hilarious denials below the proof (displayed in huge red letters):

"A Nebraska man agreed to plead guilty today in federal court in Los Angeles to participating in a 2008 cyber attack that shut down websites for the Church of Scientology, prosecutors said.

Brian Thomas Mettenbrink, 20, was part of a group that called itself "Anonymous" and planned the January attack as part of a campaign against the church nationwide, according to the U.S. attorney's office."


For your amusement, here's a comment left by the pernicious Anonymous member I mentioned above:

"El Diablo has left a new comment on your post "ANONYMOUS HACKS ANOTHER SCIENTOLOGY WEBSITE. ARRES...":

Been wondering how long it'd take for a new entry.

First off, commenter above is right. Everyone is pretty much scratching their heads over who actually did this. Perhaps it's someone self-identifying as "anonymous" - or it could be the last hurrah of a disgruntled insider. Or maybe YOU made Brian Mettenbrink up!

Thing is, NOBODY KNOWS YET. All just speculation. But why let the (lack of) facts , stand in the way of a good story, right? :P

So go on...get your behind into gear. You sounded pretty sure about it all, so finding verification should be a cake-walk, right? :) "

This is extremely gratifying. After arguing with "El Diablo," quite possibly the most obnoxious Anonymous member there is (incidentally a Holocaust Denier as well) about the very existence of Mettenbrink, I have proof-proof. "Proof-proof" is proof which cannot be suppressed without exposing the deliberate obfuscation.

What I often find infuriating about Anonymous is that, while they will put every assertion of mine on trial simply because I expose them as the Cyber-Bully Cult that they are, they openly and aggressively pursue anybody who challenges their own assertions. The difference is, I actually provide evidence.

I wonder if the inmates at Brian's future home have Internet connections...If so, then maybe his Anonymous cohorts can protect him by cyber-bullying the other prisoners into submission.

Tom Newton

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This blog marks the beginning of my third year of tracking the criminal activities of the hate group known as "Anonymous." The blog previously used for this purpose was unfairly flagged by numerous Anonymous members on so many occasions that Google removed my account and all the blogs associated with it.

Having witnessed Anonymous' suppression of free speech in many different contexts, I was fully prepared for the eventual banning of the blog. Over the next few weeks I will be republishing all of the posts which were removed, updating them where necessary.

Most importantly, I will be documenting their continued criminal activities as they occur. I will not hesitate to disclose the identities of Anonymous members as they are discovered. Cyber-bullying is a new and largely uncontrollable form of harassment. It is my belief that in the absence of any real cyber-crime prevention, it is incumbent on all netizens to look out for our own best interests.

I am not afraid of Anonymous nor their threats. I openly invite their members to post in the comments sections of this blog and I will make no effort to censor what they have to say. I will, however, report all criminal activity to the appropriate authorities. Please feel free to contribute your own comments, but be forewarned: all personal information which traces back to you will have potentially devastating consequences for yourself and your familes should you too choose to voice an opinion critical of Anonymous.

Tom Newton

Anonymous Flagrantly Insults "Ni**ers" , "Fa**ots", and "K*kes

Here is a typical example of Anonymous' signature "humor" from one of their more popular sites:

"Rape, also known as black sex (how it is traditionally done in Africa, and at your mom's), is essentially the act of getting pwned by a penis, and is the most fun thing in the world. Try it. It is teh ultimate female fantasy. Rape is always hilarious especially when it involves clowns." SOURCE:

Aside from making light of the suffering of rape victims, Anonymous also take stabs at Jews, Blacks, and homosexuals:

In order to understand the reason why Anonymous promulgates obscenity, it is important to examine the materials they take their inspiration from. provides the most complete record of their degenerate culture and is a clear testament to the power of committed cyber-dissidents to recklessly pollute the minds of the youth. The majority of ED's content falls into one of the five following categories:

1) Pornography
2) Racism
3) Blasphemy
4) Cyber-Libel

Interestingly enough, the majority of Anonymous members spend their time absorbed in activities pertaining to these exact same categories. Only left-tarded morons and Anonymous members actually believe that their group has "nothing" to do with that site. Not coincidentally, EncyclopediaDramatica contains the largest database of anti-Scientology propaganda on the Internet, including the personal data of known Scientologists (information obtained by #5)...

Anonymous is a network of cyber-bullies who are connected by a common fixation upon pornography, misanthropy, racism, and computer hacking. These elements form a dangerous combination: anti-social personalities bound by common criminality and armed with the ability to carry out coordinated cyber-attacks. Worst of all, they are experts at evading accountability.



Anonymous --Who YOU Are (From Recruitment Website "")

"You're almost invariably male, caucasian, middle-class. Your parents were normal, vanilla folks. Maybe you had a sibling or two.

You went to a public school, pulling high or middlish grades with ease and relative disinterest.

You didn't really gel with most of the other kids; you found them boring, they found you weird.

Your contempt for the average person grew with your age, never seizing control like in some emo dipshit, but simmering casually in the back of your head. When some asshole who could barely read got hurt, you probably laughed.

When some stuck-up skank got herpes, you probably smiled. Chances are you got on well enough with your teachers; you weren't a preening asshole like many of your peers, at least showed vague interest in learning, and perhaps the teacher sensed and picked up on your general contempt for others in your classes. This trend no doubt continued into college, if you had the motivation to bother.

It's a bit of an exaggeration to say you hate women: you don't, after all, enjoy the socializing game. You're probably no Don Juan, either. You long ago began to think of women as disappointingly petty, but you still hope to encounter someone interesting at some time or another.

You enjoy being anonymous because it is a release from the normal world: no anonymous has an identity, no anonymous is a preening faggot. Anonymous realizes he is just a guy fucking around on the internet. Anonymous knows others of his kind enjoy this fact, too. You despise the furfag, the gaiafag, the internet tuff guy for one simple reason: he acts like the internet is the real world, a place where actions should have social consequences and where there needs to be a pecking order.

Needless to say, you do not approve."

Tom Newton

Declared "Enemies" of Anonymous

The Enemies of Anonymous:

According to Anonymous' own Internet postings, they have no one specific agenda. The only common themes connecting their various hate crimes is the sadistic pleasure they take in hurting innocent people. This obvious glee is what they call "lulz," a corruption of "lol" (for laugh out loud).

The enemies of Anonymous are as numerous and diverse as they are numerous and perverse:

News Corp
John McCain
Church of Scientology
Paul Fetch
Attention whores
Copyright laws
Tim Couch
House Bill 775


As you can see from the list, they are flagrantly anti-Semitic, derisive of Blacks, anti-Government, and opposed to any form of censorship. This list comprises but a fraction of the group's ever expanding cyber-hit list. Once a person or group becomes a target of Anonymous, they are never taken off that list:


Tom Newton

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