Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anonymous Member Abuses His Scientologist Mother on Camera

In this terribly depressing and shocking video, an Anonymous member known as "Anonamace" emotionally abuses his Scientologist mother in exactly the way that Anonymous members "protest" against Scientologists at their "raids."

If you can stomach the whole ten minutes of the following video, you'll probably agree that this poor old woman is being abused by a deranged, anti-Scientology extremist. At one point she pleads: "how long are you going to continue abusing me? why are you doing this to me?"

His answer:

"Free speech."

She mentions his involvement with Anonymous: "'ve been doing this since December 2008...emotionally abusing me is what you are doing."

If you waited until the end, then you heard his evil laugh as she left the room. That laugh literally gave me chills and I truly fear for his mother. There was so much sadism and malice in his voice that I truly think that he was in a drug induced psychosis.

Now, usually I'd expect Anonymous members to disavow any connection to this person as they usually do when one of them does something illegal. In this case, they are actually supporting his abusive behavior. Don't believe me? Just read what two Anonymous members have said in response to the video:

Enturbulant: "lol the pneumonia thing always gets me. Great work Ian . Take care my friend."

Caperspurge :

"You are very patient as your mom is clearly brain washed. Moving out is the right thing to do."


Can you believe that? One of them say's "good job" and the other calls the guy's mother "brain-washed." This is insane. That woman is clearly being abused emotionally and psychologically and they applaud it. And the second quote suggesting that he move out of his mothers house because she's "brainwashed" is actually the same thing as "DISCONNECTION," which is an alleged Scientology practice which Anonymous members are specifically opposing. So they are literally engaging in EXACTLY what they claim to oppose. And on that Youtube video's page, there is one Anonymous member who points this out, and guess what? Her comments are flagged down by the fascists who find nothing wrong with the abuse:

"What you are doing is mentally abusing her and it is not ok. I know why you are doing this but you are wrong to approach things in such a taunting, harassing and disrespectful manner. She's reallly got alot of patience, far more than I would have with you if you did this to me. You can be arrested for doing this so you need to cease harassing her." -- Anonymous

This is just another reason why I refer to Anonymous as a "hate group." Unlike the sociopaths comprising Anonymous, I have a conscience. Which is why I just notified the authorities of this potential case of elder-abuse and I fully expect them to take action within the next hour...

Tom Newton

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