Saturday, February 27, 2010


As she vomits out a stream of negative sentiments targeting Scientologists, Anti-Scientologist Tory Magoo also manages to offend 60% of America:

Let's examine some of the collateral victims of Magoo's latest attack:

Mark Bunker is an ally of Magoo. I suspect that this is her way of getting back at him for finding love with a different woman...

In my opinion, the obese girl on the right and the one of the left should both demand an apology from Tory.

While Donald Myers "The Angry Gay Pope" isn't exactly obese, he's fat enough to take offense to her anti-fat rant.

Andreas Heldal Lund, one of the financiers of Anonymous, is even larger than Mark Bunker. In fact, he grew out that goatee to assist people in identifying which flabby neck hump is his actual chin. I'm certain that Magoo's Hate-Rant shocked and offended him, as they have been long time friends...

Michael Moore: Sacred Cow/ Liberal Fascist Icon. Offended? Probably not. Liberal Fascists are only offended by what Republicans, Conservatives, and Christians have to say.

It's probably too much to expect Tory Magoo to tone down her rhetoric for, if she stopped being so hateful, she'd have nothing else to say. She'd go right back to playing with puppets for the camera:

Tom Newton

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Francoi "Anon-Orange" Choquette and Donald "The Self-Hating Homosexual" Myers have taken their vexatious litigation to a new level. You might say a "higher level." Both these agitators showed up to court for Anon-Orange's lawsuit against the Church of Scientology reeking of reefer.

Choquette's courtroom antics and belligerent attitude towards the judge had Scientology attorneys and courtroom staff "...rolling in their chairs laughing at AO's behavior in court. "


Tom Newton

Sunday, February 21, 2010


One Anonymous member has admitted to an assault he and an accomplice committed against Church of Scientology staff in a posting on The link has been disabled. As I have pointed out numerous times, Anonymous members are quick to cover up their crimes.

Thankfully, my Sources have fowarded me a copy of the confession before it was removed:

_"How NOT to behave

Ok tonight, i was in the mood to go the the local org and put a mess. I know, it's stupid, never enter an org, don't do shit without masks etc so please if you have this kind of comment, don't answer.

Here's the story :

On a sunday evening(so this one) i decided to go to the org and ask for a personality test (although they know me, but since then i grew a beard, so i thought they might not figure out who i am).

So we enter with a friend, and we ask for the test. The Scientologist glares angrily at my open container of liquor and explains that there is no one tonight, moreover she doesn't want to speak with someone with a liquor bottle in his hand. So i leave the whiskey outside and go back in.

The Scientologist bitch says :" get out and come some other time"

We tried to take some interesting dox(a nice 20sth pages advertising shit), but they wouldn't let us, because it was only for "advanced scientologists"(why is it on the counter, and why is it the 1st thing you see when you enter then???)

To this i answer i'm quite advanced, i know everthing about Xenu and she should suck my e-meter, and my buddy and both I unzip our flies. She screamed!

From there, things went awkward. Two fat men entered and they told us to leave, very unpolitely. I ask one guy what he thinks of David Miscavige(with all the politeness i can manage, being sorry to have entered their building with liquor etc). THe fatter of the two fat scilons tells me it's not my problem. Then i ask where he is on the bridge : same answer.

My buddy slapped the bitch on her buttocks with a rolled up newspaper which was dumb cause she was on the phone with the police.

So we were FORCEFULLY kicked out BUT: just b4 the entrance there was a list of scilons for "le congrès des aptitudes"(so pretty much "congress of abilities"), with 20 or more names on it.

I wanted those names, so i took the clipboard while my friend stole a Dianetics ad on the front door)

Then i tell him : RUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!! so we ran, and the old bastard ran after us, asking me to give him back the list(fuck i wanted those names).

Problem is : one of my leg is fucked so i cannot run for long. My friend was running as well, so i thought the best thing to do was to tear the shit apart and put it in a trashcan, because the guy was still behind me, and i couldn't go further, leg hurting too much.

So the silly scilon went to take back the list in the trashcan, while we were turning or jackets inside out, and changing hats not to be recognized by the the cops.

They didn't. Anyways, the cops, and nobody for that matter likes them here, so i 'm pretty sure they didn't bother(We still made a move to my place when we saw a cop car going in direction of the org, but it was like 20-30 minutes later, so i doubt it was for us).

And that's the end of it. Nothing really interesting, but we really had a good laugh, especially that if they had been polite and nice, none of this would have happened.

BAsically, we just got a flier, and dammit i couldn't get the names on the list. But we'll get them, i won't tell how just in case OSA/local org whatever recognizes our actions.

JUst a fun evening, with some sport involved(running is healthy, scientology is not:P)

Kids, don't do this at home, but i just felt pissing them off. They are stupid cunts.we had fun. Too bad she wasn't willing to get pwned. Not a bad looking Scilon."

(Anonymous member genoramix" unmasked)

Tom Newton

Saturday, February 20, 2010


The following letter was emailed to me a few days ago. I believe it is authentic:

"To know others means you are wise... to know your self means you are enlightened" --Nathan Lintz (me)

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Nathan Lintz and I am an
Anonymous organizer. I'm responsible for organizing protests in several states. As a truck driver, I have lots of time to coordinate with others, and I've discovered something about myself that I didn't know before I began to protest the Cult of Scientology. I found that I am courageous. I don't fear.

I am not renouncing my membership with Anonymous, but I am renouncing my anonymity. I know our mission is pure enough that we need not fear the authorities. We should be prouder than to hide like gang members. THEY, the Scientiologists are the ones who must hide from the truth.

Will you join me? No, this is not a joke. You may even call me if you wish:


Or if you want to initiate a private email exchange, I promise to respect your desire for anonymity. I will NOT out you. Use, roadgypsy11 on skype,, and at

I hope to hear from you soon. Think about it. An unmasked protest would demonstrate our conviction and maybe even shake the Scilons up more than rubbing public hair and toe-nails on the walls did. Just a thought.

Peace my /b/rethren. Together we will defeat the opponents of child-pornography and annihilate the Cult of Scientology!


I have not dared to call the number. The guy sounds like a total loon and truck drivers scare me:

Tom Newton

Friday, February 19, 2010


An Anonymous member identifying himself as "Frank" has offered to "save" me, while at the same time hurling insults:

" shit faggot YOUR "church" of hate and fraud is going down the toilet... keep up your stupid attepmts at stopping at stopping it ..or get flushed down with poor guy,, listen we are people FREE PEOPLE that want to help you...not members of the CULT of scientology but REAL FREE PEOPLE.....we dont hate you we hate teh fraudulent leader CUNTS of the CULT....please BLOW ME!!!!!" ---Frank

I suppose it would be rude to turn down an offer for salvation from Frank. He's obviously very passionate about "helping" me. However, I don't deal with Terrorists, so Frank will have to take his self-righteous rage elsewhere.

Tom Newton

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Dear Mark Bunker:

You are a hypocrite and a forked-tongued hatemonger. When Anonymous members initially began their campaign of hate against Scientologists, you were fast to appear on the scene with a video missive in which you advised them against black faxes, prank calls, and other illegal forms of harassment. Under the guise of asking them to stop, you were actually encouraging these same behaviors. ALL of the things you asked them not to do were done, motivated in no small part by your own admonishments delivered via reverse-psychology:

Well, you got away with it. Good for you. You earned your "good-guy badge" and came out smelling like roses. But now that they have unleashed the same dirty tricks against the Australian government with "Operation Titstorm," you've been strangely silent.

Are we to assume that you are in support of their latest attacks, and that you support faux child pornography? Do you think that it's okay for women with small breasts to play the part of children in adult films?

Why is it that you never seem to tire of using Anonymous to attack your enemies all the while claiming to have some kind of moral high ground, but whenever they are caught committing crimes, you are conspicuously silent?

It is my belief that you are hateful, small-time demagogue, and you don't care who gets hurt so long as your personal narcissistic needs are met. I could be wrong and you now have the opportunity to clear your name. I'm going to request that you formerly denounce Operation Titstorm on video, within 24 hours.

Should you fail to do so, I will have no choice but to commence "Operation Debunking Mark Bunker."

You have 24 hours. GO!

Your Friend,

Tom Newton

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Aaron Saxton (see Wall of Shame, on the right) tries to cry four times in the following video. To save you time, I've set the controls at each attempt.

Attempt # 1:

Attempt # 2:

Attempt # 3:

Attempt # 4:


Tom Newton


Sunday, February 7, 2010



Violent thug Tommy Gorman offended a couple of Church of Scientology parishioners by shouting offensive epithets at them such as "chicken-shits," "fuckheads," and perhaps most offensive of all, "useless retards":


Tom Newton

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The cyber-hacker cult known as Anonymous has successfully attacked the Australian government in retaliation for recent bans placed upon simulated child-pornography, bestiality pornography, rape and simulated rape pornography, and pornography combining hard drug use and underage "actresses."

This "raid" by Anonymous, designated "Operation Titstorm," involved attacks against government computers, email spamming, "black faxes" and plastering government computers with child pornography. These disgusting and disruptive actions were followed up with obscene prank calls and death threats by the hate group:

"The attorney-general's department said government experts were working to contain the problem.

"Australian government agencies identified as potential targets by 'Anonymous' were briefed in advance and were provided with suggested mitigation strategies..."

"The government welcomes public debate on the merits of ISP (Internet service provider) filtering, but denial-of-service attacks are not a legitimate form of political statement."


It is worth mention here that in a previous post about Operation Titstorm, the Anonymous comments left by "El Diablo" denied that the attacks were going to be carried out. I caller El Diablo out as a liar, as this person is the same one that denied the existence of Brian Mettlebrink, the Anonymous member who is in federal prison for committing denial-of-service attacks against the Church of Scientology.

Given the advance warning that they had, it wouldn't surprise me if the Australian government was prepared to intercept pertinent personal data about each of the individuals who participated. This would mean that charges would be filed accordingly. This form of group-crime involving harassment, illegal pornography, and attacks against government computers is a pretty big offense, and I'm guessing that there will be between two and three thousand members who are brought up on charges.

Tom Newton

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Aaron Saxton (see the "Wall of Shame" on the right) is now soliciting donations from members of the hate group Anonymous (Paypal email address: Having just succeeded in having a second Scientologist take legal action against him to stop his aggressive "stalkerazzi" tactics, he now needs money to cover legal expenses (and "illegal expenses" if you count his drug habits).


If you've never been chased down a public sidewalk on your way to church by a camera wielding, foul-mouthed bully then you may not have a full appreciation for why so many Scientologists are standing up to him. Aaron Saxton is only doing what Anonymous does on a larger scale, except that he doesn't hide his identity, again demonstrating that Anonymous members only conceal their identities because they know that they could all be subject to legal action for their own persecutory tactics.

Tom Newton

Friday, February 5, 2010


Anonymous is preparing for an upcoming series of attacks against the Australian Government. They are retaliating for recent bans placed on simulated child porn in which young looking women with small breasts dress up as children and perform sexual acts on film:

"The short and long of this is that on February 10th at 8:00 am we are going to launch a massive DDoS attack on the government servers as well as a flood of our other fun techniques for causing hell for others(black faxes, prank phone calls, spam emails, etc...)"


"Calling all Operation Titstorm participants, and any new Anons that want to participate. We need to keep our IRC alive and continue brainstorming and planning. Some good ideas were proposed last night, and as I understand a few Anons have managed to find some vulnerabilities in some of the sites we proposed attacking.

However, I think everyone will agree that at this point our first step needs to be getting moar Anons on board, and raising public awareness of the issue of Internet Censorship, especially the recent actions of the Australian Government.

Brief background information: Chairmen Rudd and his aid Steven Conroy have recently passed a ban across all of Australia on pornography depicting women with small breasts in a crackdown on "simulated" child porn. He is now pushing for mandatory ISP filtering, allowing him to completely control what Australians can view on the internet.

For those that don't know, Operation Titstorm is a newly spawned idea that we, Anonymous, must do something about Australia's Internet Censorship.
#titstorm "

To those of us who are familiar with Anonymous' history of facilitating entire black markets for Child Pornography, this comes as no surprise whatsoever. One can only hope that their coordinated attacks yield more arrests than the attacks against the Church of Scientology did.

Since Anonymous has lost their element of surprise and their tactics have been laid bare, it is my opinion that we may actually see mass arrests following this campaign.

Tom Newton

EDIT: moments after posting this, Anonymous moved the discussion about "Operation Titstorm" to a restricted area of their planning website:


Another day, another video-based threat against Scientologists from the Hate Group known as Anonymous:

"...BAD THINGS will happen if I encounter a Scientologist anywhere in public..."

The anonymous individual that uploaded this threat also included the following in the video's description:

"It is my duties. I will do it. If 1 anon falls, 100 more will take it's place."

Tom Newton


Ever wonder why Anonymous members run around like Stalkerazzi, aggressively videotaping and photographing Scientologists? It's not for their own "safety" as they would have you believe. These agitators and provocateurs know exactly what they are doing, and they think YOU are too stupid to notice.

This woman's photo was defaced by Aaron Saxton, a rabid Anti-Scientologist. This is the sort of visual-libel which Anonymous members and other Anti-Scientologists create to antagonize and humiliate their victims:

When a person stands up to the Anti-Scientology Racket as this woman has, Anonymous members are quick to begin their smear campaigns. The idea here is to upset their target as much as possible and hopefully cause them to leave Anonymous alone. Such a person is now deemed "FAIR GAME" by the cyber-hacker cult.

Well, here's your chance to see how they react when their own dirty tactics are used against them. The following image depicts Aaron Saxton as a misogynistic brute:

Now just read the comments section and witness how they defend the defacement of the Scientologist while simultaneously denouncing me for depicting Aaron Saxton's misogynistic streak. They see one as a crime and the other as acceptable, yet experience zero cognitive dissonance.

Tom Newton

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anti-Scientologist Aaron Saxton Terrorizes Female Scientologist

(Aaron Saxton. Hate Monger. Stalkerazzi.)

A frightened woman is seeking protection from Aaron Saxton, a venomous and belligerent hate-monger known for chasing down Scientologists on the streets of Sydney.

Sue Hunt was outside Scientology's Sydney headquarters when she noticed Aaron Saxton and a friend “loitering in an empty street with no obvious legitimate business to conduct.”

In a document filed in Balmain Local Court she says she was “in fear for her safety” because “they were much bigger and stronger” than her, so she moved her car down the street.

As she did so, Aaron Saxton and his friend gave chase while thrusting their video cameras into her face and demanding that she "leave the cult" or face the "wrath of Anonymous."

This perfectly illustrates the true reason why Anonymous members wear those masks. It's not to protect themselves from "Scientology Secret Assassins" as they'd like you to believe. The fact is, they use the same intimidation tactics employed by Saxton and his cohort, and if they didn't wear masks, legal action would being taken against them as well.

Tom Newton

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Dr. Lily von Marcab:

While I think you are a total scumbag for your "Anonymous" activities related to hentai, pedobear, and other numerous other perversions, the retaliation you are about to receive stems from your cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying.

Ever since your hate group began its attacks against the members of the Church of Scientology, you have stood out as an instigator. As a leader within your group, you share the guilt for its collective crimes. In fact, many would agree that you're even guiltier than most. And now, your own dirty tactics will be used to do to you what you have already done to many innocent people.

One of the BIG LIES OF ANONYMOUS is that you "only oppose the organization of Scientology." Your established and well documented record of religious persecution exposes that fraudulent claim. Your hate group has committed countless acts of harassment, intimidation, cyber-mischief, stalking, and worse. Which is why, knowing what I do about you and your cyber-bully cult, it should come as no surprise that I have no remorse for what has been done, and for what will be done. In other words, you deserve what's coming.

Not surprisingly, your Anonymous cohorts failed to stand up for you and stop all of this. All they had to do was make a small contribution. BUT, since I didn't get the $9.95 to order the Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew I was anticipating, it's now time to follow through with the original threat. Just not here. Not on this blog. Not in a place where it will be traced to this posting (I'm very aware of your Cult's Litigious Nature).

You lose. Game over. Thanks for playing.

Tom Newton

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Anonymous Celebrated the Death of Jett Travolta

Scientology cured Tom Cruise of dyslexia and John Travolta of a retarded son.

--Xenubarb, Anonymous member

Anyone with even the slightest scrap of knowledge about the cyber-hate cult Anonymous knows that they are nothing if not nihilistic misanthropes. Their websites are not only overflowing with pornography, much of it illegal, but they also boast the largest assemblege of gore on the Internet.

If you or a loved one were to be involved in a horrible accident, Anonymous members would be the ones with camera phones in hand, ready to put your ordeal onto Youtube. CPR wouldn't even cross their morbid little minds.

But just imagine how you would feel if, because of your religion, they decided to mock the death of one of your loved ones. That is exactly what they did once the knowledge of Jett Travolta's death hit the headlines. Worse, their website listed off possible suspects, such as:

  • An heroism (suicide)
  • John Travolta
  • John Travolta´s faggot lover"

Maybe I'm missing something, but since when is it okay to celebrate the tragic misfortune of others simply because you hate their religious beliefs?

Tom Newton

Anti-Scientologist "Mark Dice" Organizing Superbowl Protest

Anti-Scientology activist "Mark Dice," formerly known as "John Conner," is organizing a protest against the upcoming Superbowl:

“People yell and scream at the TV when their team messes up, but they aren’t even aware when politicians pass legislation that will cause higher taxes, deeper government dept, or violate the Constitution.”

“This Super Bowl Sunday we are urging people to leave their televisions turned off and do something productive like reading a book,” he says. Dice suggests that parents ask their children for their civics book or any text book about American history and begin reading it.


Dice has also protested the Mormon Church, the Freemasons, the "New World Order," and has been kicked out of Barnes and Nobles bookstores multiple times for using his bullhorn to promote 9-11 conspiracy books as well as for denouncing the bookseller for selling the "Satanic Bible":

Tom Newton

Riverside "Kook" Francois Choquette Reports Scientology to the FBI

Anonymous member and anti-Scientology Extremist Francois Choquette has taken his paranoid fantasies to another level:
"He is calling for official investigations by the Riverside County Sheriff, District Attorney, Board of Supervisors, state Attorney General and the FBI."
Choquette (pronounced "choke-it") has had numerous confrontations with the Church of Scientology, both as an Internet activist, and as a street agitator. He famously provoked an incident in which he verbally and physically assaulted church security guards in order to provoke a response, which included a well-deserved black eye.


I guess the larger question here is, "WHY?" What is his motive? Francois has never been a Scientologist and the anti-Scientology conspiracy theories, while entertaining, can hardly be said to be compelling enough to radicalize someone against the Church (assuming the person is otherwise mentally stable).


His entire future depends upon his ability to cash in on his frivolous law suits against the Church of Scientology. In the absence of any real evidence to support his bogus and fantastic claims, he's working overtime to generate hysteria and hype.

It's interesting to note here that, even if the FBI could be convinced to examine the ridiculous claims made by Choquette and his Anonymous cohorts, it's not Scientology they would investigate. Anonymous and the anti-Scientology activists have conspired to commit, and actually committed, more crimes than those they are accusing. The fact is, the "Underwear Bomber" Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has a better chance at initiating a class action lawsuit against Northwest Airlines for racial profiling its passengers than Choquette does of anything other than making himself seem even kookier than he already is.

Tom Newton

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