Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anti-Scientologist Bigot Charlotte Lecter Attacks Scientologist Mark Hanna

(Charlotte Lecter: Hate-Tweeter. Bigot. Devil Worshipper.)

Charlotte Lecter is using her Twitter account to initiate death threats and prank calls against Scientologist Mark Hanna. In one of her "hate-tweets," she posted his name, telephone number, place of employment, and email address:

"Criminal $cientologist info, Name: Mark Hanna, Mobile : 0404 176 119, Place of work : David Lardner Law, Email :"

This is a typical move for Anonymous. Prank calls, death threats, and cyber-stalking tend to silence their critics most of the time. When harassment alone isn't effective, they then move on to cyber-libel.

Actual violence may be possible in this case, as Mark Hanna's confrontation with Anonymous ended with members screaming obscenities after attempts at physically restraining Hanna failed:

Tom Newton


  1. Hi Tom I'd wondered where'd you got to I really like how you left out the part that info I put on my Twitter was given to us by mark Hanna himself and how I asked people not to prank him, yet you yourself under yet another fake Tory magoo account said you were going to prank him. The best part you left out was that mark Hanna sexually assualted a protester and attempted to steal anothers phone and even lied to police about what happened while it was all caught on camera. You make me laugh with your ridiculously edited version of events, also, nice picture ;)

  2. "sexually assualted a protester"


    I watched the whole video and to me, it seemed the old kook with the choke-hold was the sexual assaulter. You guys are so desperate for a true Scientology-Devil to attack that you agitate events like this--on film--in order to create this bad-guy you invented.

    Aren't you worried that you might be next? According to most Anons, Scientology is Satanic-Witchcraft. This would make you an enemy of Anonymous.

  3. Bloody eyes? That looks like yet another threat Tommy and you clearly haven't seen all the video or are looking at an edited one. That scientologist sexually assaulted a prostester and was lawfully restrained, as stated by police after the fact, in a citizens arrest. As usual half the story lol

  4. and anonymous is still on and using it to plan attacks and display peoples personal information along with child porn ect. ect.

  5. "Bloody eyes? That looks like yet another threat Tommy "

    HOW is that a threat? Lawl.

    Anonymous members were chasing that poor man around like crack-addled StalkerRazzis and provoked the event themselves.

  6. I would love to say this without fear...


    I am an anon who shows his face but not his dox. So go have the best sex with xenu.

  7. LOL! Classic stuff, Tom. I was missing all your moon-bat antics untl someone kindly forwarded me your new url. I see you're still as crazy and unhinged as usual :)

    You;re all kinds of awesome... for all teh wrong reasons!

    Later sonny.

  8. So, how do people get money for giving anon dox?

  9. ^Depends upon their location. Methods of payment may vary. I will do paypal,money orders, and wire transfer.

  10. Sometimes I wish I could suck my own cock. I'm flexible enough but my 3 inches-when erect length just doesn't cut it. In frustration, I make blog posts like this... Please understand my plight Anonymous...

  11. ^Comments such as that only demonstrate how correct I am in my assessment of Anonymous.

    You are porn obsessed, obscene hatemongers.

  12. This is gonna go exactly like it did last time Tom, you're gonna look like the batshit insane scientologist that you are and I'm just gonna get more famous and more people will read about the evils of scientology. You're just giving me publicity lol

  13. Tom,
    Long time no see. i am glad to see your blog back up. I would not have found it if "someone" ;) did not hack torymagoo44.

    If you need some help with css hit me up.


  14. Tom,
    "Your comment will be visible after approval." what is that crap? i thought your blog was an open forum...

  15. Hi Tom

    You really are a complete non entity.. how on earth, or outter space(good on yer ronnie boy), do have time for all this crap.

  16. Im glad I found this site. I thought Newton was gone forever, I was sad to see his wonderful old blog die. There is just so much endless lulz from Tom.. I love it. Don't ever stop

  17. I see your choosing which posts are allowed, so I bet this won't get posted because its too intelligent and you have to portray us idiots right? Also the protester that was assaulted was standing still and there is no excuse for what that man did to the protester not in a million years. and nice little dance around the fact that the protester that restrained the criminal was commended by police. You are the package deal Tom, you dance, disappear, give free publicity and see only half the world, which conveniently is the only half you want to see lololol now all you need is a straw hat and a cane and you're own show on broadway, it would be the comedy smash of the century

  18. You're obsessed with fisting your mums hairy vag and fucking her up the anal arse. Also; you got a shit lyfe coz ur fat.

  19. Ms Lector has some startlingly beautiful tits. OMFG. I want to eat her flesh.

  20. Man I am getting so famous, already my story is the second most commented on this blog. You are such a great publicist Tom and I am flattered that you seek me out like this and write these elaborate stories about me. The effort! The time that you must put into this is amazing, I should start paying you for this dedication!

  21. ^You are pretty typical as far as Anonymous Cultists go with the exception of your religious beliefs. Witchcraft is less effective than Dianetics, yet nobody from Anonymous is telling you to abandon your pagan faith. Why?

    Because you are all selectively bigoted hatemongers.

  22. Witchcraft is less effective than Dianetics: transitioning people away from reality. "liberating" them from their life savings. convincing them to reject traditional medical and psychological treatment when required. instilling a rabid paranoia about psychiatrists, tax-collectors and the government trying to destroy their "religion" isolating people from the friends and family who love them, but cannot share their world view infiltrating government agencies savagely and remorselessly going after their critics

    I'm sure there's more...but "dianetic therapy" as practiced by the Church of Scientology, wins hands down on all of these.


    Also, hey [s]witch! Hope we get to raid together sometime. :D

  23. ...oh and it seems like a good time to mention that Dianetics will cure ya much better than Krishna. ;)

  24. Are you prepared to makethe arguement that Witchcraft is more legitiamate than DIANETICS, or that it is less deserving of your scorn?

  25. "Witchcraft is less effective than Dianetics: transitioning people away from reality.

    Witchcraft practitioners believe in Angels, Elementals, and Familiar Spirits. "liberating" them from their life savings.

    There are many rich Scientologists. How are they liberated from their life savings? convincing them to reject traditional medical and psychological treatment when required.

    Witchcraft believes in faith healing. isolating people from the friends and family who love them, but cannot share their world view

    Yes, it does. Goths are separatists. infiltrating government agencies
    According to many researchers, withcraft already has infiltrated all governments. savagely and remorselessly going after their critics

    DO you know what a Hex is?

    I'm sure there's more...but "dianetic therapy" as practiced by the Church of Scientology, wins hands down on all of these."


  26. I practice my religion by myself only because I don't know any other witches personally I also spend little to no money on my religion as I am not REQUIRED to spend money to practice my religion unlike Scientology. As far as the effectiveness of my faith compared to dianetics, well my faith makes no promises and is free dianetics is not. I am not a separatist I have many friends who are not "goth" and my family is fine with my choice, also it is against my religion to use hexes lest it come back on me ten fold. So all in all witchcraft is more effective than dianetics to me because it is what I believe and it is free and in the end doesn't hurt anyone. Dianetics states that 70% of all illness is in the mind meaning that it is not real it's all in your head, at no point on my religous journey have I thought that natural remedies where the only solution. I will try them first but if it doesn't work then ITS STRAIGHT TO THE DOCTOR because the Goddess gave us medicine for a reason. Just keep trying Tommy I just keep looking better and better lol

  27. Also I only just noticed it but that picture on the side is hilarious, really brings out my eyes hahahahahaha

  28. Do you believe in reincarnation?

    And how do you know your hexes come back "10 times"?

    And are hexes even real? Realer than Engrams?

  29. I do not believe in reincarnation personally and it is common pagan and Wiccan law that black magic will come back on you as well as the person you cast the hex on. I believe hexes are real, however I know there is no scientific evidence to back that up that it is why it is called belief/faith, dianetics states that hubbard proves engrams exist with his "scientific" research and that he found a way to get rid of them for sure and all of this for a large fee. That's not faith, it's psuedoscience

  30. ^Would you say that psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are based upon interesting theories of the mind or upon a scientific knowledge of the mind? What I mean is, does the "unconscious" store information in ways that can explain "complexes"?Are "repressed memories" scientifically quantifiable?

    And if you think that Wicca isn't a huge money making cult, then ask yourself why the only Wiccans that succeed at making a living are authors on the subject and Wiccan shop owners?

    Wicca is as far from contemporary society as Dianetics. In fact, more so. Scientology doesn't prevent people from conforming to societal norms the way Wicca does.

    And Anonymous believes that Scientology came from Alesiter Crowely--or at least derives from the same ideological ball park. Since the same can be said for Wicca, would you agree that Wicca is a fake-religon as well?

  31. "If at a breath I could wish the whole universe right as you too may have dreamed, it would be wonderful. But it takes a lot more than breaths or wishes to accomplish that and it requires that you also do your part in it if you and those dear to you are going to make it fully."

  32. Paganism didn't come from Alesiter Crowley, he just made an updated way of performing the same rituals. Also there is a difference between "repressed memories" and the idea that these memories occur before birth and cause things like austism and cancer. This is what scientology teaches, that 70% of illness is in your mind that you are thinking you are ill or that a "repressed memory" is making you ill. That can be true for some illnesses such as depression but not 70% of all human aliments. Even if dianetics did work it is not a religion it is a "science". Also I am not removed from society and norms, I don't always dress that way and I have a normal job, normal friends and am a part of my local community and I give regularly to charities like Oxfam. Scientologists are instructed not to talk to people who are not scientologists or who are even slightly critical of their "religion". I HAVE CHRISTIAN FRIENDS one who happens to be my best friend, and she thinks my faith is wrong and I think hers is wrong but we are still bestest best friends. Scientologists are told not to talk to "SP's", considering how many people fall under that I think that they are more removed from society than I am.
    And as for the money making cult bit there, who do I pay money to NO ONE I am not part of a coven I make my own tools and the only thing I buy is incense WHICH ALOT OF NON WICCAN PEOPLE BUY BECAUSE IT SMELLS PRETTY and I cannot make it myself, so please tell me how I am part of a money making cult.
    And its nice to see you trying (albiet failing) at being more intelligent this time Tommy, but I will still come out of this smelling like roses :)

  33. Also on the "Wall of Lulz" you spelt my "name" ;) wrong

  34. Also on the "Wall of Lulz" you spelt my "name" ;) wrong

    Oh yea. Charlotte with an O.

    FACT: Crowley invented Wicca in order to leak Satan into the mainstream.

    FACT: Wicca is not better than Scientology, yet Scientology is one of the few religions compatible with Wicca.

    FACT: Anonymous will never protest ISLAM because they'd fear for their lives even though ISLAM does all the things Scientology is accused of. ALL of them.

    FACT: You are a coward. Attacking Scientology is as brave as mugging old women. If you were anything like what your Cult portrays, you'd be fighting to stop Clitoridectomy.

  35. FACT: Almost none of that had anything to do with what I was saying. Tom you were doing so well lol
    FACT: I don't follow Crowley's teachings, I follow Pagan practice with updates techniques
    FACT: Islam is a legitamte religion and only religious extremists practice illegal acts in the name of Islam, it is part of scientology doctrine to "Fair Game" and commit illegal acts to shut up critics and people who leave
    FACT: I don't care if my religion is better or worse than scientology because it is a religion and scientology is not, it doesn't hurt anyone scientology does, it is free scientology is not so to me it is better and nothing you of all people will say will change that for me
    FACT: I am no coward if I was a coward I would have run away from this fight long ago after you made your first blog about me, or when scientologists started following me. I keep my anonimity so that I may keep up the fight against this oppressive and criminal organistation and free the people trapped within it.
    FACT: I still look awesome :)

  36. Well historically they are the forerunners to what we consider the brain sciences. They were, after all, developed at a time where we didn't have things like PET, and MRI and fMRI - and a great debt is owed to Freud, even though much of "interesting theories" of Freud have either fallen out of favor, been developed significantly, or are the subject of controversy across the current mind-sciences.

    The notion of our brains as association machines stems from psychoanalysis, and that HAS been looked at scientifically.

    What I mean is, does the "unconscious" store information in ways that can explain "complexes"?

    Two parts here: What is unconscious store of information? Can this be used to explain "complexes"?

    On the first part you might want to look up long-term potentiation, and Hebb's cell assembly theory (it uses the term "engrams", however in a neuropsychological, rather than "Scientological" sense).

    An example of unconscious store/recall of information is procedural memory (say as opposed to declarative or episodic memory). I don't know if you drive, but if you do, then remember back to when you were first learning - the level of conscious thought required to coordinate working the clutch and the gears and remembering to indicate and all that...yet over time this memory becomes "procedural", and much of the control of the car becomes almost automatic.

    This is obviously a good thing, since it frees up your conscious awareness for focusing on things like the traffic and scanning the road for potential dangers (like a kid running out on the road after their ball). The basic operation of the car has become procedural.

    A great deal of brain functions occur outside of, or only partly in conscious awareness. If it weren't the case we'd hardly be able to do anything. As I type I'm well aware of how little conscious awareness is required for me to type this sentence. Somehow my fingers just "find" the keys!

    So...that was an extremely quick and dirty version of unconscious memory and one could (and plenty have) written whole books on the subject. But on to "complexes" eh?

    Now as it says on the wiki page for it: In psychology a complex is a group of mental factors that are unconsciously associated by the individual with a particular subject or connected by a recognizable theme. and further down Jung's definition as feeling-toned complex of ideas.

    So, to explain this there's more than just the basic types of memory, there is also emotion (or affect). How emotions can "tone" memory is quite a lengthy discussion, but a neurocorrelate worth looking at would be the amygdala, which is implicated in "emotional learning" - and the stuff there should give you a good background on the kind of neurology underpinning emotional memory.

  37. Now I should say at this point that psychoanalytic theories are NOT something I've studied in depth - only in the context of studying psychology. I would also have to practically write/research an essay to properly do this subject justice, but if you're interested in it, I'd be looking at things like the neuropsychology of emotional memory (which you should be able to get a feel for from the amygdala link) and also have a look at the page for schematas (which is a theory on how ideas are associatively integrated into and recalled from memory).

    Are "repressed memories" scientifically quantifiable?

    Now, the notion of "repressed memories" as posited in early psychoanalytical theories is VERY controversial, particularly because of the potential for false memories to occur through hypnotic suggestion.

    There ARE studies which have looked at this, and evidence for qualitative differences in the encoding of events with a strong affective component. But if you're speaking of "quantification", then you probably need to be more specific - Like WHAT is it that you're wanting to be being quantified here?

    Anyhow, I think this article is probably worth a read, since it also goes over a bunch of memory theory and associated studies for highly affective (in this case, traumatic) events. And of course, the wiki is a great place to start looking at the controversy, and perhaps do some background reading on dissociation.

    If you have more specific questions, I'll do my best to find suitable linkage and give lay-person explanations. But they're the areas I'd be start from, if you're genuinely interested.

  38. Whoops, accidentally cut off your initial question? Stick Would you say that psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are based upon interesting theories of the mind or upon a scientific knowledge of the mind? at the start of my two-part post.

  39. Oh and I just thought of something else to do with unconscious memory, which has to do with split brain surgery.

    Now this is VERY uncommon, but back when pharmacological treatments for epilepsy were far more limited - and in cases where people had intractable and SEVERE tonic-clonic (formerly "grand mal") seizures, that started in one brain hemisphere as a simple or complex partial seizure, then spread to the entire brain - some people have undergone "split brain" surgery, which involves severing part of the corpus collosum (big bundle of nerves that transmits nerve impulses from one side of the brain to the other).

    Now, not something people undergo lightly because it DOES cause problems - however frequent and severe tonic-clonic seizures can cause brain damage and/or as an absolute last resort the deficits resulting from this kind of surgery can be deemed a better outcome than what the seizures are doing. Hence why people have resorted to it.

    ...but anyhow. Interesting things were found out from the people who'd undergone this procedure - mainly that consciousness can exist independently in the right and left lobes simultaneously!

    Not only that, but when they were presented with a object to ONLY their left-visual field (which goes to the right occipital lobe - the bit at the back of your head that processes visual information), the patient was unable to say what they have seen...even denying that they had seen anything at all. (Language is *mostly* weighted to our left-hemisphere)

    However, when asked to point to the thing they saw...they could! And when asked to explain WHY they'd picked that thing out, either didn't know or would come up with a story that seemed to make sense of their choice!

    Lay summary here

    ...and a pretty cool essay called The Split Brain Revisited

    So, much has been revealed about functional lateralization from case studies of these patients, and about the nature of consciousness which isn't the "single" whole we might presume it to be - but parallel processes that in a normal person come together to reach a conclusion. Cool stuff huh?

    You should read it. Psychology is far more interesting than Dianetics, and also actually based on science! Great stuff!

  40. Oh should also note with the above case studies, that it wasn't JUST recognizing an object, but picking out "related objects" - which points to a level of semantic processing occurring outside of conscious awareness!

  41. more posts than any story on this blog I AM SO FAMOUS and its all thanks you to Tom!

  42. I have been in a relationship for almost five years Tom, so I am not alone and never in a million years would I marry you either. Also I am getting famous in a good way, because anyone with half a brain will go to my twitter and and see that I am no satanic bigot and see you for the crazed scientologist that you are and even if it is bad (its totally not) ever hear any publicity is good publicity? LOL keep up the great work Tommy!

  43. You know, you're right. There are many functional couples who do quite well as hate mongers. Like the Phelps family for instance.

    Of course your fellow haters will continue to applaud what you do, but I'm referring to NORMAL people, i.e. your future bosses.

  44. My future bosses won't ever know the name Charlotte lecter and therefore will never find this and even if they did it can be seen by a blind man that I was trying to inform people about a cult and that a crazy member of that cult tried to make me look bad just because I spoke the truth.

  45. ^Okay, I've had it with your deliberately disingenuous douchebaggery. We both know that you are merely trying to make me look bad when all I am doing is pointing out your blatant hypocrisy. You are part of a minority religion and you are attacking another minority religion. That's the bottom line here. This is not about me or my beliefs, yet you insist on making it about me.

    Isn't that the strategy that you accuse 'OSA' of using, i.e. "Attack the Attacker"???????

  46. Tom you are just getting upset because you can see how silly you look and by realizing that when looking at the evidence (ie reading my Twitter and visiting people will side with me. Anyone can see that I am no satanist and no "hate monger" I just think that Scientology is cult that kills and I am entitled to say that. And I laugh that you are complaining that I am making you look bad (you are doing a great job of that all by yourself by the way) when that is what this page is trying to do to me lol And what does me being part of a minority religion have to do with anything, what are we all supposed to stick together or something, well I won't stand by a cult that hurts people. Also I fail to see how I am attacking you, everything I have said is in defence of myself, my cause and just in general proving your lies wrong the only thing I could see as an attack is calling a crazed scientologist and after reading your Twitter posts I think most people would agree with me

  47. Awwww you got rid of crazy twitter now where will I get my daily laughs, nice try Tom you still look crazy hahahaha

  48. The end is nigh for scientology and its criminal acts , then all the people they are hurting and the ones they are harrassing because they left or are speaking out against it will be free and you will have so much egg on your face you could make an omlette LOL

  49. Just one little email? hahahahahahahahahaha

  50. Wasn't me. I don't communicate with terrorists in private.

  51. I didn't get an email, I was asking for "one little email". Please prove to me in private or otherwise how I am terrorist and/or criminal.

  52. Hello Hate-Tweeter.

    Didn't you read the post?

    You seem to think that if you make enough comments that the post itself will be drowned out. While shouting people down might work when you fascists are gathered in front of your enemies, screaming in unison, here it does not.

    Individual statements can be weighed individually and so far, nothing you have stated here undoes your crime of cyber-bully instigation.

    I have it from someone close to Mr. Hanna that numerous "black faxes" and several repeated ugly phone calls have already created problems at his place of employment. Good job. Now take responsibility like a grown up, or shut it. No one takes your excuses seriously.

  53. 1: Prove the people that pranked Mr Hanna got the info from my Twitter and not the white pages or the business card he handed us
    2: Posting the information is not a crime, when it can be found easliy and freely on the internet. You cannot prove my reason for posting the information ( even though it is clearly stated on my twitter that it was not to be used to prank and that it was just information) was to "instigate" anything. You are making up laws that don't exist. I am legally allowed to post that info on my twitter and I did "cyber bulling instigation" as a law does not exist, so keep trying.
    Also I love how you keep changing the subject about the fact that you can't prove any of the criminal activitiesyou say I partake in

  54. ^Your explanation may make a little sense if we exclude logical deduction and all previous instances of cyber-bullying by Anonymous. Your rationalization wouldn't fool a judge in a court of law, which if Aaron Saxton's present legal trouble is any indication, may be a possibility sooner than you think.

  55. Fool a judge in a court of law? You've got to be kidding me. Tom no such law exists so I cannot be tried. Make up laws have no standing in a court of law, no matter how much you want them to be real and even if they do exist you cannot prove intent because there was none. Your "case" will face flat on it's face. Also the way you keep dodging the claim that you have evidence of me engaging in criminal activity makes me think, was this the only thing you had on me? This made up law i was breaking, if so then that I'd pretty sad and just shows how loony you really are

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  57. you're right, she's really hot.

  58. We are Legion: We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are Anonymous...




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